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In light of the expiration of the Orders of Judicial Emergency and the Public Health Emergency, beginning August 1, 2021, Magistrate Court will resume in-person preliminary hearings. For now, hearings will continue to be held on Wednesdays (4 calendars) and Fridays (2 calendars). Although the courtrooms are always open to the public, we will also continue to offer livestreaming of the preliminary hearings from the courtroom on the Gwinnett County Magistrate Court YouTube Channel.

I want to give a huge thank you to all our wonderful attorneys, clerks, and officers for your patience and flexibility as, together, we never stopped providing access to justice and access to this essential function throughout the pandemic.

-Kristina Hammer Blum, Chief Magistrate

Effective January 2, 2021, Magistrate Court e-filing fees are changed to a one-time flat fee of $14 per case per party. This change applies to all newly filed as well as existing cases.

Magistrate Court's jurisdiction encompasses civil claims of $15,000 or less, county ordinance violations, applications for and issuance of arrest and search warrants, preliminary hearings, dispossessory writs, and distress warrants. No jury trials are held in this court. Appeals from decisions in landlord, tenant and civil cases are made to the Superior and State courts.

Chief Magistrate
Kristina Hammer Blum

Clerk's Civil Office
Clerk, Gwinnett County Magistrate Court
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Magistrate Staff

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Court Administrator :
Philip M Boudewyns

Clerk of Magistrate Court :
Tiana P. Garner