Garnishment - Forms

 1. Garnishment Form Package

 2. Garnishment on a Financial Institution Form Package

 3. Continuing Garnishment Form Package

 4. Continuing Garnishment for Support Form Package

 5. Third-Party Claim

 6. Sheriff Entry of Service

The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Entry of Service form is the document used to show service of process upon the defendant or garnishee. The fee for serving a summons by the sheriff's deparment can be found on the Magistrate Fee Page.

The Magistrate Court version of this form can also be modified to show proof of service of other documents also served by the sheriff's deputies.

  Sheriff Entry of Service [DOC]


 7. Plaintiff's Traverse

 8. Certificate of Service Upon the Defendant

 9. Plaintiff's Application for Disbursement

10. Dismissal of Garnishment

11. Release of Garnishment

12. Default Judgment Garnishee

13. Garnishee's Motion to Modify Default Judgment

14. Request to Issue Judgment and or FIFA

Purpose of form:

To request in writing that the court issue a judgment in a civil case or a garnishment case when the defendant or garnishee has failed to file an answer.

The clerk of court and judicial assistants of magistrate court routinely monitor the status of cases to determine if they are eligible for a default judgment. Therefore, it is not absolutely necessary that a plaintiff request that the case be reviewed for this purpose.

The prevailing party must request that a writ of fi.fa. be issued and pay the requisite recording fee for such issuance.

  Request to Issue Judgment and or FIFA



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